The Newbie Guide to Hypnosis

Language is a mighty lord, which by means of the finest and most invisible body effects the divinest works: it can stop fear and banish grief and create joy and nurture pity.
— Gorgias
Language is a Mighty Lord

You’re interested in hypnosis, and you want to hypnotize your partner, for many possible reasons. There’s lots of tips and blog posts, but nothing makes any sense and it’s all overwhelming and you’re terrified that you’ll try and fail.

It’s okay. You’re not alone. Everyone was where you are now. There is a plan. This guide will take you from being a newbie to being a hypnotist.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about hypnosis to begin with. After you go through this plan, you’ll be in a good place to do more, but this is all about getting familiar, getting comfortable, and having fun.

While this guide is safe for work, it does have links to material that may assume erotic hypnosis and/or kink. Please use your discretion, and do not read this if you are underage or in an inappropriate place or situation.

This guide is also intended to be read with you following the links, and reading through the more in-depth associated material. You don’t have to read everything, but you should at least read through the inductions and pretalk links.

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